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Kickstart your keto journey with Iris Garcia, an Independent Pruvit Promoter and keto lifestyle advocate.


10-Day Ultimate Experience

Kickstart your keto journey with this kit put together for you by Iris.

Experience all the incredible flavors and blends of the Keto//OS NAT and Original Keto//OS products. And, we’re throwing in the Keto Kreme and a brand new unreleased flavor with this 10-Day Utimate Experience Kit!

As avid Pruvit-fan and a true believer in the power of the ketone revolution, Iris Garcia has seen first-hand the positive health impact this kit has had on so many lives, including her own family. Over 100 million servings in less than 3 years can’t be wrong. Get yours today!


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Reboot Your
Body Back.

With Pruvit, you can get back to ketosis fast.


Reset your metabolism by reprogramming your genes to run on fat for fuel.

By conquering a 60 hour reboot, you engage your body to use fat as an energy source while gradually shifting into Keto Adaptation.


Keto Reboot

This 60 hour Keto Reboot will assist you to reset your metabolism by reprogramming your genes to run on fat for fuel.


Keto Reboot Excel

After conquering your 60 hour Reboot quest, Excel with 30 days of metabolic optimization. You already have momentum so now optimize your body for Better!

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Passionate about keto and Pruvit? Join Iris and her team in spreading the love and promoting health.


30k Champion and Rank 6

Join our winning team of Pruvit promoters and help others lead healthier lives.

“I’m not a fitness expert or professional trainer, but these products have helped me change my life. That’s why I became an Independent Pruvit Promoter. I want to share this life changing opportunity with everyone!” - Iris Garcia

Our Pruvit promoter family is close-knit! We work as a team, we co-host challenge groups, we have weekly Zoom calls, we attend quarterly meetings together, we motivate and empower each other to achieve our goals! It is so much fun and rewarding to work with like minded individuals that are always cheering each other on. Together, we are stronger!

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